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Angelina’s Song Continues Jukebox Donations to Hospitals

Angelina’s Song is continuing to support music therapy programs, music-related wishes and fund research to help find a cure for pediatric cancer. Recently the non-profit donated a TouchTunes Angelina jukebox to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in the Child Life Zone; it’s a space designated for children and their families to make a child’s hospital stay a little easier.

“The jukebox makes a perfect addition to the Child Life Zone because music therapy can help promote positive self-esteem, self-care, creates feelings of control and much more,” the organization wrote. “Music can help children and families understand the pains, stress and anxiety they may be feeling during their stay. But the power of music also creates community and friendships – whether that be playing instruments with a group or listening to your favorite song.”

Angelina’s Song Foundation was founded in 2018 and honors the late Angelina Miele, daughter of Lou and Nicole Miele and Brenda Miele. Corporate sponsor TouchTunes donates a portion of Angelina jukebox sales each year to Angelina’s Song and also provides the music at no charge once installed at a participating Children’s Hospital.

“It is from the deepest part of our hearts that the Miele Family works to improve the lives of children who are suffering in hospitals,” said Nicole Miele. “This mission that we share brings us joy and is our therapy. Being in the hospital with a child is the most helpless, exhausting and frustrating time a parent can go through. Every child and adult of every age, nationality, background, race or gender, speaking any language or too young to speak, can relate and join together through music. It heals and consoles, gives strength and power, and unites.”

Miele noted that many operators have taken the Angelina Song Pledge by asking their locations if they’d like to support the non-profit and donate 1% of their jukebox earnings, which is then matched by the operator.

In addition to donation’s, Angelina’s Song also takes in-kind donations of music memorabilia, which is auctioned off several times a year to raise funds.

To make a donation or learn more, visit, or contact Nicole Miele at or 570-220-4413. You can also reach out to Nicole to become a corporate sponsor.

This article was originally published on February 17, 2021, by RePlay Magazine.



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