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Angelina Miele
Image by Joanna Kosinska


Vibrant, caring, and full of wonder, Angelina brought joy to this world. She continues to inspire us to care for others and walk to the beat of your own drum.

Music was her therapy. Angelina and her family found comfort and inspiration through music. She would sing her fight song to get pumped up before a procedure or to get through the long days. And the days Music Therapists would visit turned a boring day into a memorable one as they played instruments, sang, laughed, and bonded through the Power of Music.

Angelina Miele
Angelina Miele
Angelina's Song Music Therapy Nonprofit

Angelina was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma on April 13, 2014. Prior to her diagnosis the only symptom she experienced was stomach pain. After trips to doctors, emergency rooms visits, x-rays, and medications a tumor was found wrapped around her abdomen.


After five months of chemotherapy and radiation, the tumor was removed. Angelina was thought to be cancer free, but a routine check found three more tumors in her abdomen. The tumors were removed, and again, Angelina was thought to be free of the cancer.


Nine more tumors were discovered in June 2015. Angelina could no longer receive radiation and chemotherapy treatments. And at at the time, there was not much the doctors could do without a trial. In July, Angelina received one trial medication, but it did not effect the cancer.


On July 30, 2015, Angelina lost her battle with cancer. She passed away surrounded by her family and friends.


Angelina had a passion for helping others — especially kids. Before her diagnosis she loved to volunteer at events and give to children. From the beginning of her battle, Angelina would ask to buy gifts for the children on her floor at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


For Angelina and her family, one of their comforts at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia was music. They knew music moved them. They knew music was powerful and as they stood together facing their own battle, they found comfort and motivation in Music Therapy. She sang her fight song and her family sang alongside her. The days CHOP's music therapists would visit would make a boring day a happy day as they played instruments, laughed, and bonded in new ways.

In memory and honor of Angelina, Angelina's Song strives to inspire others through the Power of Music. As a nonprofit, we provide grants to children's hospitals to support music therapy programs and annually contribute to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation for research.

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